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Pupular Cities of Mexico

Many travelers get there first glimpse of the country when arriving in Mexico City, one of the most crowded cities in the world and yet one of the most sophisticated. Many travelers arriving in the capital are on their way to other destinations within the country. For those who are planning a vacation and must land in Mexico City we offer this suggestion; stay a while. The capital deserves at least a couple of days of your time, Mexico City gets a lot of bad press but this is one of the world's great cities.

Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city and another popular entry point for airlines is also a city that deserves a few days of your time. Guadalajara is a city of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined avenues. A city alive with subtle attractions that can keep the first time visitor entertained for weeks. Guadalajara's history dates to the 16th century and the rich heritage of this colonial gem is evident everywhere you look. Guadalajara is also one of the country's major distribution points for the arts and crafts that are made all over the country.

Monterrey is a modern, well-planned city that is easy to navigate and full of cultural offerings. Monterrey is populated by friendly and helpful people, who are eager to present their city as the most advanced city in Mexico.
Oaxaca is blessed with a creative, artistic atmosphere that sets the city apart from any other city in Mexico. Oaxaca is blessed with a creative, artistic atmosphere that sets the city apart from any other city in Mexico.

There is enough history in the ruins among the hills and valleys around Oaxaca to keep even the most dedicated archaeologist busy for life, this translates into an incredible visual and cultural experience, which is easily available to any Oaxaca visitor.

Mexico's Colonial Cities

The colonial areas of Mexico City and Guadalajara are fairly well publicized, well known to tourists, and are more than worthy of a visit. But Mexico has many more colonial cities that are less well known and should be considered by any traveler. The incredible architecture, colorful history and cultural offerings that these less visited colonial cities offer should certainly be considered as a unique destination by vacationers.

The colonial cities of Mexico offer visitors a deep look into Mexico's history, culture and struggle for independence. Some of these cities date to the 14th century, all have prominent cathedrals or churches, distinctive plazas and, of course, each displays an abundance of phenomenal colonial architecture.

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