Mexico has a rich history filled with culture and a proud quest for independence that has produced many colorful individuals and numerous heroes. Mexico is also the country that many of the worlds most admired artists have called home. This colorful history combined with the colorful individuals lays the groundwork for some very interesting museums. Almost every city of any size has at least one museum, usually dealing the history of the local area. Many, even in the smaller cities, offer visitors an excellent chance to become acquainted with your destination.

The capital alone, Mexico City, is home to more than 150 museums. Some are definitely world class, other smaller museums may be dedicated to Mexico's famous heroes, artists or individuals. Mexican history or a specific area of this country's rich heritage are all represented in various museums.

The Museo Nacional de Antropologia, in Mexico City features an extensive collection of artifacts, spanning some 100,000 square feet. This is one of the finest anthropological museums anywhere in the world and certainly the most important in museum Mexico.

The colonial cities all have museums that feature pieces and exhibits that relate to Mexico's rich history. These cities are where much of the fight for Mexico's freedom originated and where many of the country's heroes carried out feats of bravery that gave them places in the hearts of the country's citizens.

Oaxaca city is home to several very impressive museums, with several dedicated to the Monte Alban archeological site. Other museums in Oaxaca are devoted to the arts, featuring works of both local and nationally acclaimed artists. Museo Rufino Tamayo is devoted to Rufino Tamayo's vast collection of pre- Hispanic art, which has been donated to the state of Oaxaca and is on permanent display.

Guadalajara is the home of several fine museums, including the Archaeological Museum of Western Mexico, which houses exhibits of pottery and other artifacts used by the ancient peoples of the surrounding area.

Monterrey has also established itself as an significant cultural center. The city's Museum of Mexican History features a visual and pictorial history of Mexico with many interesting displays. This museum is surrounded by beautiful grounds and is located on the exact site of the city's founding.

Many of the museums in Mexico regularly feature temporary exhibits, displays or concerts and different cultural activities of all types. When you arrive in a destination, within Mexico, it is a good idea to check with the local tourism office to find out what events the local museums are featuring during your visit, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Mexico's museums are a must for any tourist's itinerary. Covering everything from ancient history to modern beauty, the devotion to preservation of art in Mexico is stunning.

Mexico City alone has more than 150 museums, some world class and some smaller and more topic-specific. Whatever type of art or history you're into, you'll find plenty to see. A great example is the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, a 100,000-square-foot anthropological wonderland that has an incredible collection of artifacts dating from pre-Columbian and even prehistoric times.

The colonial cities of central Mexico, where the fight for Mexican independence raged most fiercely, are dotted with museums that cover the rich history of the area. Building and maintaining them is one way residents show respect to the fallen heroes. Just as in the United States, many museums in Mexico host touring exhibitions for tourist, displays, concerts and other cultural activities. Be sure and check with the local tourist office to find out what attractions and events are planned!.

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