Plaza de Garibaldi

Plaza de Garibaldi Just take a stroll around the plaza and you will notice Mariachi players everywhere. Always dressed in full garb with more than one guitar at times, these young musicians will play one-on-one if a tourist looks interested. Request a song and they will oblige, most are gifted players. Tipping is expected.

Ballet Folklorico de Mexico

Ballet Folklorico de Mexico The ballet performs twice per week in the Palacio de Bellas Artes. This very popular ticket features various themed dances by mariachis, marimba players, singers and dancers. The theatre alone is an architectural feat worth seeing. Plan ahead to purchase tickets.

Plaza de Toros - Bullfighting in Cancun

Plaza de Toros - Bullfighting in Cancun The spectacle begins with a folkloric dance exhibition followed by a performance by the charros. During tourist season, performances are scheduled in mid-afternoon every Wednesday.

Cliff Diving La Quebrada Acapulco

Cliff Diving La Quebrada Acapulco Perhaps nothing in all of Mexico is more iconic than the cliff divers of La Quebrada. For decades, locals have risked their lives daily diving from more than 100 feet after crossing themselves and saying a brief prayer. For the ridiculously low fee of $2.50, you'll watch cliff divers take 130-foot swam divers from the cliffs into a small gorge. Starting at noon, performances go until after dark … when you'll see the divers take the plunge clutching torches! Be prepared to tip the divers well.

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