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Golf: Mexico is rapidly becoming a golfers dream come true. Some of the world's finest golf courses are located in the beach resorts and major cities of Mexico. Many of of the courses were designed by the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Robert Trent Jones Jr. and various members of the Dye family. Organized golf tours and the ever increasing numbers of individuals who enjoy traveling to Mexico, mainly to enjoy the variety of available courses, is really just starting to have a positive impact on the nations tourism industry. Cabo San Lucas is finally getting some competition as the undisputed golf capital of Mexico. Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are looking to take some of Los Cabos' action as golf destinations, both cotoes have built more courses to lure golfers to their resorts. Guadalajara and the Lake Chapala area have some great courses. The constant spring like weather supports year round play. Mazatlan has a couple of really nice courses, one right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Costa Alegre, below Puerto Vallarta, is home to one of Mexico's most spectacular courses, Tamarindo, as well as some of the most spectacular coastlines anywhere in the world. Mexico City and Monterrey both have some beautiful courses but most are private clubs that are not open to the general public.


Tennis: Tennis courts are found mostly in the larger hotels although there are some tennis clubs, both public and private starting to appear. Many of the hotels that have tennis courts will allow non-guests to use their facilities, sometimes for a small fee. Quite a few of the golf courses also have tennis facilities that are available to tourists. Ask about local availability at your hotel or at the local tourism office.


Futbol: One of the most popular forms of live entertainment in Mexico is soccer, called "futbol" in Mexico. Even if you don't know much about the game, the sheer exuberance of the crowd and the waves of excitement that run through with every score or great play will leave you exhilarated! And you may think you've had "stadium food," but the delicacies you'll find especially in the Estadio Azteca, the giant stadium in Mexico City that seats more than 110,000, will amaze.


Wrestling: Known as "lucha libre" in Mexico, is even more popular than in the United States. Here, however, there is real emotion in the proceedings, with wrestlers donning colorful masks and elaborate stories taking place in and out of the ring. It's been compared to Shakespearean drama … with body slams! And these shows, unlike some in the U.S., are safe for all ages to see in person.


ATV's: ATV's, or quads, are available for rent in many areas of Mexico, mostly on a guided tour basis. Arrangements can sometimes be made to ride alone, if you seem responsible. The general area of Ensenada and Rosarito Beach in northern Baja are very popular places to rent ATV's. Also available in many beach resorts, including Los Cabos.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching: Enjoyed throughout the mountains, rain forests, deserts, costal lagoons and the jungles of Mexico. Pelicans, eagles, humming birds, parrots, vultures, pink flamingos, frigates and hundreds of other species call Mexico home or spend the winter (vacationing) in the many peaceful settings this country has to offer.

Bull Fights

Bull Fights: In Mexico bullfighting is considered a form of art and is very popular in many Mexican cities. Most of the larger cities have bull rings, some have two or three, which should give you an idea about how important the bull fights are to the Mexican people. Bull fight season varies from city to city, but the show almost always takes place on a Sunday afternoon. Check locally for schedules.
Cave Paintings: Tours to see cave paintings are available from San Ignacio, Mulege and Loreto, all located in the central part of the Baja peninsula. There are many caves in the of Sierra de la Giganta mountain range of southern Baja. There are some paintings of lesser quality near Los Barriles, in the East Cape region, near Los Cabos and La Paz.

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